Sunday, February 25, 2024

Car lifting on the rise

Rise in car lifting in Dimapur have led authorities to believe the existence of an inter-state gang operating with impunity due inherent factors such as absence of police mobile check posts at various road junctions and wide network of accomplices.
Vehicle lifters usually strike after 1 a.m. and even locked gates are no hurdles. Locks in the gates are broken, vehicle theft alarm deactivated and vehicles lifted right from the innermost courts of the compound – point to a high degree of expertise.
Vehicles lifters are known to switch off the verandah or compound lights, taking advantage of frequent power failure and also bolt the inmates of the house from outside before committing the crime.
The sources said the needle of suspicion points to connivance of either casual labourers working in the sites or any insider.
Police also believe that in some cases, the reports of car lifting were also related with bogus claims for insurance.
However, the rise in vehicle lifting has thrown a challenge before the law enforcement on mobile checks though the exercise was likely to involve a good number of policemen.
It is also reported that Dimapur City Police was faced with shortage of manpower particularly after a large number were deployed for security related duties in the light of recent factional clashes. According to other reports, most of the stolen vehicles end up in Assam while a good number are taken to some parts of Nagaland. Recently, Guwahati Police busted a gang of vehicle lifters and as per reports, it indicated a wide network of gangs operating in various states of the region.
Besides vehicle lifting, assault on petty businessmen and traders are also becoming more frequent. Recently, an employee of a firm had a harrowing experience when two miscreants jumped into the autorickshaw in which he was traveling.
It was providence that saved the would-be victim otherwise, his fate would have depended on the nature of ransom demanded.

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