Thursday, February 22, 2024

IRB jawans arrested in Wka

Four IRB jawans have been taken into Police custody in Wokha for allegedly assaulting a local resident for asking the jawans not to roam beyond 7 p.m. decreed by the Lotha Eloe Hoho. The victim had accosted the jawans since they were moving around with four girls. The four jawans were identified as Hav. Chovizo Angami of 9 IR and Hav Pezelhoulie Angami, Constable Lanvamo Lotha and Opanglepdang Ao of 12 IR. Four of the two girls identified as Emilo Kikon and Helen Lotha, were also in Police custody at the time of filing this report. The injured victim Hokaho Ezung , received 14 stitches on the head.

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