Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Jon Bon Jovi to perform in Mumbai

The world’s coming to rock India. Former US vice president Al Gore and the organisers of the Live Earth series of music concerts have announced that the next edition of the mega event will be held in Mumbai on December 7 at the Andheri Sports Complex.
Nobel laureate Rajendra Pachauri, director Shekhar Kapur and actor Amitabh Bachchan announced their support for the initiative which uses the power of the world’s celebrity musicians to draw attention to the climate crisis caused by global warming. A record two billion people around the world watched the first series on July 7, 2007. American rocker Jon Bon Jovi will perform at the Mumbai show.
Addressing the international press at a suburban club on Thursday, Live Earth founder Kevin Wall said the proceeds would go to fund R K Pachauri’s Light A Billion Lives project which aims to put a solar lantern in a billion homes. While Bachchan said he was sufficiently alarmed by Pachauri’s doomsday prediction to speak up for climate conservation, Kapur noted that his favourite rivers and forests in Mussourie had become brown and barren over time.
The star moment came when Al Gore hooked up via a video link from the US. Admitting that his own country was perhaps the largest polluter in the world, he cautioned Indians against falling prey to similar trends in consumerism.
“It is undesirable for a country to promote and subsidise dirty fuels like kerosene, paraffin and coal when it could use cheaper and better alternatives like electricity,” he said. “India is clearly emerging as a world leader in many ways, and it could show the path to other countries by converting to healthier energy resources.”

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