Friday, February 23, 2024

Beyonce’s charity work honoured at Miami children’s fundraiser

It may have been the Diamond Ball yet songstress Beyonce Knowles chose to leave her own 18-carat wedding ring rock behind as she was recognised for her charity work.
Just two days earlier, the sparkler – said to be worth £2.5 million – was on display while she boogied at the Bermuda Music Festival. On Saturday, though, the singer obviously wanted to focus the attention on the fundraising night and not her recently acquired ring.
Beautiful Beyonce was guest of honour at a glitzy Florida gala to raise money for the Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation. In recognition of all her hard work for others, the kind-hearted chanteuse was being inducted into the centre’s Hall Of Fame.
And while she may have been the focus of the ball, where tables cost up to £5,500, Beyonce was more than happy to share the stage with another prodigious talent. Along with the glitzy crowd, the Bootylicious star was entranced by the skills of seven-year-old pianist Ethan Bortnick, who was playing to thank the hospital for treating his younger brother’s heart defect.

Caption: With her hair smoothed back and wearing an scarlet evening gown, Beyonce made an elegant guest of honour at the charity bash, which rewarded her hard work helping others.

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