Thursday, February 22, 2024

Meghalaya asked to study violence against women

The National Commission for Women (NCW) have asked the state government and women’s groups to conduct an in-depth study on the increased violence against women in Meghalaya, which is the only matrilineal society in the country.
Addressing officials of the Department of Social Welfare and Women’s organisations yesterday, NCW member Wansuk Syiem expressed dismay over the recent violence against women in the state.
She said the NCW was shocked to hear on the recent spate of crime against the fairer sex across the state.
According to official data, the state police have recorded 1120 cases in different police stations from January to June this year.
“There is an urgent need for the state and NGOs to conduct a study and find out the root cause of the crime against women,” Syiem said.
The NCW member said that unless women become more literate and economically independent, the discrimination and violence against them will continue.
Urging the state government to play proactive role in conducting legal awareness among women, Ms Syiem said the government must come forward to assist the women folks to redress their grievances through pre-litigation services and facilitating speedy delivery of justice to women.
“The government must review of the existing provisions of the Constitution and other laws affecting women and recommending amendments thereto, any lacunae, inadequacies or short comings in such legislation’s,” Syiem stated.

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