Friday, February 23, 2024

Stone god “Shitilong” inaugurated

A historical monument called ‘Shitilong’ at Mongsenyimti village under Mokokchung worshipped and preserved by the forefathers was Thursday inaugurated by T. Sentichuba MLA
Speaking at the inaugural function, Sentichuba called upon the people for “preservation of the history of our rich culture and tradition”. He also added that such historical monuments and sites should be transformed into tourist destinations and encouraged the villagers to live in unity and to have a vision so that the village would prosper.
Though no more worshipped today by any of the villagers, the ‘Stone God’ played a significant role in the day to day activities in the life of the villagers during ancestral time and till now the legend continues.
Legend has it that ‘Stone God’ was discovered by a person named “S√ľameren” who first stumbled on the stone while going to the fields. Later it was named and worshipped as “Shitilong”.
And today, the descendants of Suameren with an aim to preserve the rich heritage have renovated and maintained the site making it into an attractive tourist destination.

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