Sunday, February 25, 2024

TR emphasises on economic growth

Minister for planning and coordination, veterinary and animal husbandry, evaluation and parliamentary affairs, TR Zeliang, said economic and employment index should be the criteria for inclusion or exclusion of tribe from backward quota list, instead of the mere literacy rate.
Addressing the inaugural function of upgraded Mhainamsti Village GPS to GMS, Friday, Zeliang said that mere increase of literacy rate cannot be judged as already advanced tribe rather “it is the growth rate of economy and employment of tribe that indicates the advancement of the tribe”.
The minister was commenting on the recent suggestion of state government to exclude some tribe from the backward quota list citing that their literacy rate had cross above state average.
“Just because people of particular tribe can read and write doesn’t mean that they are already an advanced tribe”, he said.
He also disclosed that the cabinet has turned down the state education department proposal to make B.Ed. as a compulsory qualification for recruitment of teachers. He said the cabinet has asked the department to relax the rule for 5 years so that the youths from backwards tribes could go for DIET training and can be at par with the advanced tribe.
He also said that the state government has declared year 2008 as ‘Year of capacity Building’, and has already sent 15 youths to UK for undergoing training in various field so that they can employ themselves even reputed private company outside the state. He urged the VDBs to implement any schemes or project that comes from the government truthfully.
Meanwhile, parliamentary secretary for horticulture and cooperation who inaugurated the Mhainamtsi Pineapple Project encouraged the people to make use of the potentiality of the fertile land of the area and urged the people to work hard to make the Peren district a modal district of state.
In the present context Nagas are very much influenced by foreign culture, especially when it comes to dresses and traditions, and urged the people to change their work culture rather than changing the culture.
Earlier, the Minister for Planning along with Parliamentary Secretary and officials from Resource inspected the Pineapple Project which has around 300 hectares owned by 60 household of the village.

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