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Wapher church celebrates golden jubilee

Wapher Baptist Church (WBC) Golden Jubilee celebration was held from October 13 to 15 under the theme ‘Exalt with Jesus Christ’. Exhorting the gathering the parliamentary secretary for information & public relations and economics & statistics, R. Tohanba urged the people to live in harmony and peace, because peace is the only way where one can develop in society.
R. Tohanba thanked the villagers for electing him as their representative and also encouraged them to create peaceful atmosphere in order to bring all round development. He pointed out that it is a time for reconciliation and it is not the time for hatred, so as to live an accountable life in this civilized world.
Speaking on the occasion, parliamentary secretary for CAWD, Torechu also encouraged the people to create oneness amongst themselves and cooperate with the government for more development. He distributed shirts to all the church leaders and active member of the Jubilee committee. The Parliamentary Secretaries each donated Rs 30,000/- towards the Jubilee. Yimchunger Tribal Council (YTC) president Thsesong also addressed the gathering and encouraged the people to come forward to meet the challenges of the present era.
Executive secretary, YBBA, A. Akang; executive secretary, TBPA Rev. M. Shuto; YBB Tuensang pastor Rev. P. Akhum and literature secretary, YBBA Rev Z. Thsankiu were the main speakers during the Jubilee celebrations. It may be mentioned here that the Wapher village was established in 1958.
The Parliamentary Secretaries had a meeting with the GBs and church leaders of Wapher village on October 13 and encouraged them to maintain peace in the area and discharge their assigned responsible duties honestly and acceptably by the public. Torechu contributed a red blanket each to all the GBs of Wapher village.
The parliamentary secretaries also conducted a meeting with the GBs and village functionaries of Shamator village on October 14, where both leaders advised the people to maintain peace in their area and to give whole support to the present Government as well as administration of Shamator headquarter for more development of the Sub division and proper implementation of developmental works. On behalf of the visiting team Torechu distributed one red blanket each to the entire GBs of Shamator village.
The Parliamentary Secretaries also visited St. Xavier School, Shamator where they urged the students to strive for quality education and become good citizens. They also encouraged the teachers to lead the students in the right path.

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