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Rock United II to battle social evil

Devine Connection
Devine Connection was formed as a Christian rock band on September 30, 2004 and made its début in Dream Café Kohima, sponsored by Life pro. Initially it consisted of five members with Obed Kath on the vocals, Zakie on guitars, Ruth Nukhu on the keys, Yanpo on the drums and Mhathung Odyuo on the bass.
Right now the band is experimenting with different a genre of music. With its objective to promote positive music, the first album consists of a blend of rock, jazz, funk, NU metal and modern rock.
They believe that young people can enjoy good music without indulging in sex, drugs, alcohol and violence. It is also a Para church and believes in Testifying the love of Jesus whenever and where ever possible. Till date the band has worked with youths in collaboration with various churches around the state and some neighboring states as well. The band is open to any programme’s and shows relating to social and humanitarian cause.


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In the beginning, the four piece band hailing from the hills of Aizawl, Mizoram was formed in 2005, as a simple local band for doing and performing covers and other local gigs. But, however during the fall of last year 2006’s, their pathway took an adverse turn when they discovered their creativity for songwriting and arrangements; hence-onwards – performing and managing their own original compositions with having the crowd go wild with their killer performances everywhere.
Within a short span of a few months, they were able to release their E.P called “Rhythm of a Revolution” with no signing on recording labels as such. They are currently working for a Full-Length album though.
The band would like to call their music as Junk rock since it contains progressions of various genres of music which ranges from – jazz, blues, reggae, funk and to extreme metal. Therefore, in the end their music makes out to what can all be truly unified and be signified as a pure “Rock & Roll”.

Project Blend Ltd
The band was formed way back in the late nineties – the co-founding members being Chris & Ritchie (Ex-Drummer) and the duo was later joined by Terry on the bass and that’s how PBL came into existence.
However, the band went through a lot of changes in the line-up but of late with a permanent line-up and also with the joining of Jerry (drummer), the music of the band has taken a different turn and so too the different taste of music of the members has given the band a new sound so to say more – original.
The band has performed many gigs and has even represented the State in the National Concert held in New Delhi, 2003 but of all the gigs performed the Opening Act for the “Sepulturra Tour” tops it all – “Its like winning a Coveted Prize” – Of late the band is working on their debut album scheduled to be released next summer.


Choice, select, excellent you name it, ‘Eximious’ has it like the name suggests. The band was formed in the year ‘06 some time in November. Four very close friends coming together for one purpose…. MUSIC!!!…. So what more can you ask for??
The band was one of the ten finalist during the first ever National Hornbill Rock Contest which was held in Kohima ‘06, Rattle N Hum “07 etc to name a few. “We are a bunch of dedicated musicians who believe in giving our best in whatever we do and finish whatever we start.”


‘Melodrama’ an upcoming band from Dimapur was formed in 2008. Till now they have performed in just two gigs and have won titles in both the two. The band bagged the 1st runners-up in ‘Summer Jam’ organized by Aries, and the winner of the best of the best of All Nagaland Open Beat Contest organized by ‘Mind Blowers Club’ of Dimapur. “In the next stop we will perform at the Campus Rock Idol.”

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