Sunday, February 25, 2024

Tatas will set up a Nano unit: State govt

Tata Motors, which is planning to roll out the first Nano from its Pantnagar plant in Uttarakhand as an interim arrangement, may go a step further and set up a satellite unit only to manufacture the car there.
An announcement in this regard was made by Uttarakhand Chief Secretary Indu Kumar Pande here on Friday on the sidelines of a cabinet briefing.
“We got a call from Tata Motors saying it is planning to set up a small manufacturing unit for the Nano at Pantnagar,” Pande said.
Though the mother plant of the car will be set up in Gujarat, where the company recently acquired 1,100 acres near Ahmedabad, Pande said the company is planning to convert the interim arrangement for the Nano at Pantnagar into a permanent unit.
He also said the company has already started manufacturing the car at Pantnagar for the launch.
However, he did not specify the exact date of the roll-out and also, how many cars would be produced at the plant here.
Pande also made it clear that the has so far not made any fresh demand for land to set up the small unit. Official sources said the company still has 300 acres of vacant land at its 1,000 acre-industrial plot at Pantnagar, where it can set up the unit.
Uttarakhand had recently lost the battle to invite Tata Motors, after the falllout with the West Bengal government, to set up the mother plant at Pantnagar as it failed to provide 1,000 acres to the company.

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