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YouthNet reveals discrepancies

Various discrepancies in the medical and education departments under Suruhuto, Zunheboto district were detected during a public hearing on RTI which was organized by the YouthNet in Suruhuto town in partnership with Northeast Network (NEN) and Suruhuto Range Students’ Union (SRSU) on October 17.
The public hearing was done on the basis of information collected under RTI applications and focused mainly on the medical and education departments in different villages.
According to a press release issued by Kezungulo-u Krome, YouthNet, under the medical department, the RTI information revealed that there is one PHC and 6 sub-centers under Suruhuto where the PHC Suruhuto has remained defunct for the last two years due to absence of the designated Doctor. The RTI information showed the full staff strength of Suruhuto PHC as 33. On verification, it however found that there were three non-existent staff, two staff attached to CMO Zunheboto and that five staff had employed proxies.
Under the Janani Suraksha Yojna program of NRHM, the RTI information showed that PHC Suruhuto has received Rs.2,46,000/- during the period from February 1, 2007 to March 31, 2008. The release said that on verification, the records showed that PHC Suruhuto had received only Rs.1,10,000/-. It said the department failed to explain the discrepancy when questioned.
Under the education department where 10 schools under Suruhuto Range were randomly picked for the purpose, the DIS record showed that a total cash of Rs.35, 6443 was sanctioned in the year 2007 for Midday Meal Scheme (Cooking cost). It said the record however showed only Rs.46, 000 as received by these schools. For the year 2008, the DIS record showed that Rs.2, 86, 507/- was sanctioned but school record showed the amount as Rs.55,000/- only so far.
The RTI information as per the DIS record further showed that 443 bags of rice were given to these 10 schools in the year 2007, whereas school record showed that only 57 bags of rice were received. In the year 2008, 186 bags of rice were reportedly given, but only 62 bags have been received by these 10 schools.
During the team’s interactions from village to village it was learnt that the DIS had instructed the schools to collect Rs.37/- per student for admission, where only Rs.10/- was supposed to be collected per student, the record of which is to be sent to the Directorate. In Saghemi village, altogether 13 teachers have been transferred with-post from the three schools.
The press statement further said that the DIS had instructed the Sapotimi Government Middle School not to maintain the MDMS record. Under the MDMS, a rice bag weighed 50 kgs per bag but all schools complained that the bags weighed only around 40 kgs.
The YouthNet said the hearing was conducted in a free and fair manner and that the observations were made by an independent panel consisting of president, Sumi Totimi Hoho, All Sumi Students Union (SKK) representative and member, Northeast Network. The public hearing was attended by village headmen, village education committee, village health committee and public from all the villages under Suruhuto jurisdiction. It was also attended by the administrative head and other head of departments.

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