Wednesday, February 21, 2024

TVC issues local trade license

Some of the local businessmen residing in and around Tenyiphe -1 village have decried against the new Local Trade License being issued by the Village Council under the village jurisdiction.
Taking to Nagaland post over phone, the business community informed that the village council was issuing another license without giving any reason why the new license is being issued.
When contacted, the village council chairman and the G.B told this reporter that the decision to issue new trade license was taken by the village council to maintain “coordination under their jurisdiction”, and further said that the village authority, being a local government has the right to collect tax when need arises for development of the same.
However, local businessmen of the village reiterated that they failed to understand the logic behind the new trade license being issued by the village council. According to the businessmen, they have trade license issued earlier by the district administration and have expressed resentments on the fact that an additional tax is being imposed upon them. And despite the reservations aired by the business community, the village council has gone ahead by issuing new trade local license under its jurisdiction.

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