Sunday, February 25, 2024

Meet on Naga Reconciliation held

In an effort to realize the common desire for Naga reconciliation, the Naga political groups (“factions”) and the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) met here on Tuesday.
Representatives from the Naga political groups in the meeting have expressed the urgency for Naga reconciliation and affirmed their sincere commitment in contributing towards the realization of Naga reconciliation. Recognizing that the significant progress was made at every level, the Naga political groups acknowledged the presence of ground difficulties in realizing reconciliation.
After thorough deliberation, the representatives expressed hope that the ground difficulties can be conquered if they are addressed together in the spirit of self-examination, forgiveness and mutual acceptance. It may be mentioned that the Tuesday sitting was the fourth meeting , since “A Covenant of Common Hope” was adopted by the Naga Peace Summit III at Chiang Mai, Thailand in August 2008.
The house while expressing anguish over at the stray incidents of violence has said “such incidents should not be seen as a sign that they are not for Naga reconciliation”. The FNR has also pointed out that the usage of “provocative statements” through media will only undermine the commitment and sincerity which was mutually expressed and agreed upon by the Naga political groups for Naga reconciliation. Further, to strengthen the Naga reconciliation process the FNR has urged the Naga political groups to take practical step-by-step measures in ensuring that no act of violence or provocation is committed till the next Naga Reconciliation meeting.

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