Sunday, February 25, 2024

Seven roadside vendors arrested

Kohima Municipal Committee (KMC) assisted by the police on Wednesday arrested seven road-side vegetable vendors and seized goods worth thousands of rupees during a raid conducted here at Kohima town. Four of the arrested lady vendors were caught at Razhü Point while three were arrested at BOC.
The arrested vendors included Sahouli Rio, Nyelü Shuezo, Runi Poumai, Zelhoutuoü, Sunita Bordea, Subita and Teisoviü. Under the custody of the police, they had been detained for further action.
Commenting on the action, the KMC said that roadside vendors were not cooperative to the orders of the KMC after several raids and warnings.
The KMC had earlier directed road-side vendors at Razhü Point to make their base at Kezieke market, BOC vendors at Jail market and roadside vendors from Midland to be shifted to Naga Hospital market.

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