Sunday, February 25, 2024

Agri production for self sustenance

As a part of extra curricular activities, Discipleship Bible College, Dimapur Friday conducted a seminar on role of theological students in the uplift of economic through farming. Students were imparted information and ideas on production of local agricultural products not just in marketing prospects but for sustenance and planning ahead while taking up cultivation.
Resource person SDO (Store), agriculture Dimapur, Jacob Yanthan, talked about the importance of taking up agricultural activities- an essential means of survival. While highlighting on the scope of marketing local vegetables and fruits including flowers to other parts of the states, SDO said marketing is a burning issue in agricultural department because of many factors which included perishable items and climatic changes. In his power point presentation, SDO presented clippings of local winter crops sown in the later part of the year which included cabbage, cauliflower, knol khol, pea, potato, mustard, radish, turnip carrot, garlic, lettuce, onion, tomato, rapeseed and coriander
In today’s world where global financial crises have become a burning issue, talking in terms of marketing has become lest importance and self sustenance is what people should think of, this ideology was expounded by resource person, Dr. Sunep Imchen, veterinary, Dimapur. He said the key to sustenance is through honest means. According to him, theologians and those in clergy needed to be “jack of all trades and master of soul wining”, and as students of theology “you need to play a great role in transforming the economic especially our rural societies by acting as a catalyst of positive change”. Speaking on the subject of animal husbandry, Imchen highlighted seven principles of rearing animals that included hygienic environment, clean drinking water, not to encourage inbreeding and consultation with vets and para vets. He encouraged students to learn form officers and to disseminate information to villagers and to take initiative in involving whole community in various activities.
Organised by Bright Hope, the seminar was attended by college faculty, staff and student community.

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