Sunday, February 25, 2024

Prog for preserving cultural heritage

State government has initiated and launched Rural Youth Development Programme in order to preserve cultural heritage, traditional handicrafts and generate productive employment in the rural areas.
According to an official release the aims and objectives of the Rural Youth Development programmes are to manufacture cultural customs and crafts of different materials, organize cultural programmes both within and outside the village, sponsor players of the village to participate in games and sports in sub-divisional, districts, state, regional, national and international level, to finance the students going outside the state for higher education from the village and offer scholarships to merit students from the village.
The ‘Placement Bureau’ for guiding and setting with information on various formal employment opportunities available to youth to motivate favorable attendance identified as one of the important areas of functioning of the department of youth resources.
The main objectives of the Bureau is to enrich youth resources motivating and guiding the youth to develop and refine their skills, to guide and motivate the youth to develop attitude which are congenial for healthy development in society and to make the youth instrumental in bringing about social and economic progress.

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