Sunday, February 25, 2024

NYC, NSUI support ENSF

Nagaland Youth Congress (NYC) and National Students Union of India (NUSI) Nagaland state has supported the demand of ENSF for relaxation of making B. Ed degree mandatory for 10 years.
In a release Kuputo Shohe, president NYC and Hitilo Tep, president NSUI (Nagaland) justified that in Nagaland only three colleges offer B.Ed degree, and the maximum intake capacity in a year may be ‘hardly’ 300 and if B. Ed degree become mandatory, it would open a ‘flood gate for non-local employment’ opportunities but compound unemployment problems for the youth.
Further, the release said enforcing B.Ed degree compulsorily for other tribes shall be applicable after six year in view of the prevailing circumstances, that the educated unemployed youth here does not suffer.
The NYC and NSUI said it was ‘perturbed’ over the state government’s apathy to the ‘genuine demands’ of the ENSF for relaxation of recruitment policy making B.Ed degree as mandatory for fresh appointment into graduate post, which has led the student community to launch an indefinite agitation at a crucial fag and of their academic year.
While appreciating the need to have good recruitment policy for upliftment of quality education, the joint release said ‘government notification alone cannot deliver desired result’. Stating that ‘government is functioning devoid sense of far reaching consequences for the people’, NYC and NSUI has demanded immediate fulfillment of ENSF demand and to restore normalcy for educational pursuit and further appealed to the educational department to implement UPA educational policy in letter and spirit.

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