Wednesday, February 21, 2024

NPCC warns NPF for contempt of court

Responding to the NPF statement issued by its associate press secretary Shilumar, the chairman of the NPCC media cell, R.Paphino said the statement would have no impact on the Congress except as to expose the NPF “hypocrisy and frustration” over recent developments.
Describing the NPF as “infirmed”, Paphino said Congress party members were discharging their responsibilities in accordance with the party policies while in the NPF, the “leader-upmanship precedes commitment to work for the party.”
On the NPF statement attacking the President’s rule and purportedly castigating the judgment of the Gauhati High Court on the issue of President’s Rule in Nagaland , Paphino described it as “arbitrary and malafide” .
The NPPC warned that if Shilumar had made the statement after obtaining sanction from the NPF, then the party (NPF) would be held accountable for contempt of court. On the other hand, the NPPC said if Shilumar had expressed his personal opinion, it also revealed his “height of ignorance of constitutional propriety.”
The NPCC said the Gauhati High Court which heard the NPF petition challenging the imposition of President’s rule, had termed the Speaker’s action(in debarring independent MLAs to vote and not counting the votes of rebel members ) as “illegal, unconstitutional, biases and hence malafide in every aspect.”
Stating that following the “historic defeat in the court” after the landmark judgment, the NPCC said the action of the NPF in questioning the court’s judgment was “ a very serious proposition” as the party cast aspersions on the propriety of the High Court and the law of the land. The NPCC described the NPF reaction as “deliberate and ill-motivated” and which “will not be very pleasant for the party.”
Further, the NPCC media cell, alleged that in an act similar to ‘putting the last nail on the coffin’, the NPF had reportedly expressed its “intention to boycott or prevent the celebration of the Diamond jubilee of the Gauhati High Court in Nagaland.”

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