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Chotisüh graces TSUD conference

Tenyimi Students’ Union Dimapur (TSUD) observed its 3rd general conference-cum-freshers meet 2008 at Town Hall on Tuesday with parliamentary secretary for Social Welfare, Women & Child Development, Chotisüh Sazo as the chief guest and vice chairperson, Dimapur Municipal Council, DP Angami as guest of honour.
Stressing on the close cultural affinity and bond-ship shared by various tribes belonging to the Tenyimi group, the chief guest in his address said these tribes were not classed under “Tenyimi” by accident or “temporary arrangement”, but by blood and common ancestry. He also said Tenyimi people were an “excellent breed” marked by three underlying characteristics -hard work, honesty and sincerity.
Chotisuh also exhorted the youth and students that Tenyimi people must be united since unity was the backbone of any society.
He also urged them to uphold the spirit of fraternity, mutual understanding and social co-existence.
“Differences may arise sometimes, but that should be sorted out within the family rather than putting it into outside wall,” he added.
He further exhorted the students to expand their visions and horizons and to translate them into action.
Guest of honour DP Angami also underscored the need to preserve culture and the common root of the Tenyimi people. “Culture is what we are and there is no replacement for that…all agree on one important aspect, that the Tenyimi people lived together in the past,” he said.
He said preservation of common culture, tradition and customs would help in instilling sense of oneness among the Tenyimi people.
Chairman, Tenyimi Union Dimapur, L. M. Zeme also called upon the youth, the backbone of the society to uphold their mother tongue and customary laws besides speaking foreign language as negligence would result in the loss of ‘solidarity’ among the organizations inherited from the ancient fore-fathers, he said.
The highlights of the first session included special numbers presented by Patkai Tenyimi Fellowship, Patkai Students Union, former and current Naga Idol finalists Hailung and Sheneta respectively, folk song by Chakhesang Students’ Union Dimapur and traditional display. Solidarity messages were also read out by Tenyimi Union Dimapur and Tenyimi Women Union Dimapur.
TSUD president Raphael Newmai gave the presidential address while TSUD general secretary Shelepa Rakho presided over the acknowledgement session.

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