Saturday, February 24, 2024

25th anniversary of Wangkhao College

Chief Angh appeals for basic infrastructures, college renovation

Wangkhao Government College, the only college in the entire district of Mon, celebrated its silver jubilee on Thursday, with the chief Angh of Chui, Wangkhao as the chief guest and Zovehu Lohe, advisor to chief minister, Nagaland as the guest of honour.
Addressing a huge gathering at the college premises, the chief Angh considering himself as one ‘most fortunate’ to have seen and experienced both head hunting era and the computerized world of today’s modern technology, also expressed his appreciation to see ‘tremendous changes’ within a short span of 25 years.
However pointing out the “shortages in the sphere of basic infrastructure” especially in regard to the building of the lone college in Mon district, the Angh requested the competent government to renovate the building, provide basic amenities like computer, security fencing, proper road, foothpath, and hostel facilities etc to absorb the ever increasing enrolment of the students.
He also urged the state government to introduce science and commerce streams at the earliest for the benefit of the students.
A. M. Toshi, director, Higher Education who also spoke on the occasion thanked all the pioneers who made the college ‘live’ till date. He also encouraged the students to compete with the rest of the world in the market of degree and employment, as “no children of one district are inferior to the children of another district” he said.
The jubilee celebration was attended by pioneers/ founding members of the college, public leaders, past pupils, NGOs and students. Guest of honour Zovehu Lohe, advisor to the CM exhorted the gathering in the second session.

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