Saturday, February 24, 2024

Resting shed for pedestrians

Resting sheds constructed between New Jaluke – Jaluke Town and Jaluke ‘B’- Jaluke Town were inaugurated by Project Director, DRDA Peren Kelei Zeliang on November 4. The two Sheltering Sheds were constructed under special development fund provided by minister for planning, T.R. Zeliang.
In his inaugural speech Kelei Zeliang stated that there was not a single shed between New Jaluke, Jaluke Town and Jaluke ‘B’ for which the pedestrians particularly the school going children had to face untold hardship as they walked under the scorching sun and inclement weather for a distance of more than 3Km. Appreciating the Delta Brothers for construction of the two Sheltering Sheds at the right location the chief guest said they have done a very good job for the people in general as the two Sheltering sheds would bring great relieve to the pedestrians.
Chief Guest also appreciated minister of planning T.R. Zeliang, for providing fund to construct the two sheds. The function was attended by the district officers, public leaders, chairman & deputy chairman of Jaluke town council, and village functionaries.
Earlier, the executive secretary RBA, Rev. H.M. Gonmei invoked God’s blessings before inauguration of the Sheltering Sheds. The inaugural function was chaired by Ganchui, secretary of Delta Brothers while vote of thanks was pronounced by Mucham Gonmei, vice chairman, Delta Brothers.

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