Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Bookies bet on Cong win in Rajasthan

Whatever the outcome of the Dec 4 assembly elections, punters are staking money on the Congress in Rajasthan and say the Mumbai terror drama has had no impact on the betting rates.
A Jaipur-based bookie told IANS that the terror attacks in Mumbai had not affected rates in the betting market, estimated at over Rs.10-15 million in the sprawling state.
Rajasthan with 200 seats is ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which has 121 legislators. The main opposition Congress holds 53 seats.
Going by the odds offered in the betting market, the Congress is likely to gain seats while the BJP may lose substantially.
The bookie said the chances of the Congress winning more than 100 seats are 1:1.30. This means that if you put your money on the Congress, you will get Rs.130 for Rs.100 if the party wins over 100 seats.
For Congress winning 90 seats, the odds are 1:0.45 and for 80 seats it is 1:0.14. What is surprising is that no one is willing to speculate on the BJP winning over 100 seats in Rajasthan, the bookie said.
The odds for the BJP winning 60 seats is 1:0.23, for 70 it is 1:0.55 and for 80 it is quoted at 1:1.50. This means that if a man puts Rs.100 on the BJP, he will get back Rs.150 if it wins more than 80 seats.
“We have not seen much change in the rates in the satta market in the last couple of days”, the bookie said.

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