Wednesday, February 21, 2024

ULFA trying to build base in China: DGP

The banned United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) is trying to build bases in the jungles of Yunan province of China just across the Assam-Maynamar border.
Feeling threatened in Bangladesh, ULFA is exploring the possibility of establishing bases in the Yunan province of China, said the Director General of Assam Police, GM Srivastava.
Talking to reporters, Mr Srivastava, who has recently taken over as the DGP in the state police, revealed that according to an input received by the police, around 70 ULFA members are now in Yunan province of China.
But at the same time, he admitted that the number of militants staying in that part of China was yet to be confirmed. He said ULFA was maintaining contacts in Yunan area and the Commander in Chief of the outfit, Paresh Baruah visited the area several times.
In fact, according to information available, Baruah stayed in Yunan for nearly a year after the formation of ULFA. He also revealed that in the early days of the ULFA, a group of youths were taken to that area for training and outfit has been trying to re-establish the old connections as it is feeling threatened in Bangladesh in the face of global outcry against terrorism.
The DGP said according to information available, ULFA was still maintaining some training bases in the Chittagong Hill Tract area of Bangladesh while senior leaders of the ULFA were also staying in the neighbouring country.
”ULFA commander in chief has three bases in Dhaka, but he mostly stays in a safe place and only occasionally visits his own bases. For the moment, Paresh Baruah and the Foreign Secretary of ULFA, Sasha Choudhury, who was one of the first persons to be trained by the Inter-ervices Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan, are safe in Bangladesh,” he added.
Commenting on the overall security scenario of the state Mr Srivastava said though different parts of India have started facing terrorist attacks, the situation in Assam was different.
He further said most other parts of India did not face secessionist movements like Assam and other parts of North East.
He expressed the view that the militants have started changing their tactics and police and security forces would have to be more innovative to deal with the situation. The security personnel would have to improve their skills and the weapons need to be upgraded. Intelligence collection also need to be improved to thwart the attempts of the militants to indulge in violence, he added.
He said that though the strength of ULFA has gone down, the militant outfit could not be written off as some militants are still at large, while, senior leaders of the outfit are abroad.
New recruitments were also made in the outfit mostly from North Lakhimpur, however, the exact number was not yet known to the police and security agencies, he added.

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