Thursday, February 22, 2024

Terrorists in Pakistan planning attacks on Britain: Gordon Brown

More than twenty serious terrorist plots to stage attacks in Britain are being planned in Pakistan, Gordon Brown said.
The Prime Minister named Pakistan as a haven for terrorists planning attacks in Britain, revealing that around three quarters of the most advanced plots monitored by MI5 are have Pakistani links.
Officials say that the Security Service is aware of around 30 serious plots at any given moment, suggesting that at least 21 of them are tied to Pakistani groups.
On a visit to Islamabad, the Prime Minister delived a blunt demand to President Ali Asif Zardari to improve his goverment’s work to prevent al-Qaeda and other groups operating in the lawless area that borders Afghanistan.
“The time has come for action not words,” Mr Brown told Mr Zardari.
At a press conference, Mr Brown revealed that he had told Mr Zardari that “three quarters of the most serious plots investigated by the British authorities have links to al-Qaeda in Pakistan”.
Many known terrorists including Mohammed Siddique Khan, ringleader of the 7/7 bombings, are known to have trained at al-Qaeda inspired camps in the Pakistani border areas.
In a private meeting Mr Brown told Mr Zardari he must do more to close those camps. Mr Brown told reporters: “We must break the chain of terrorism that links the mountains of Afghanistan to the streets of Britain.”
Mr Brown also announced increased British support for Pakistani counter-terrorism work, including greater support for Pakistani police work on detecting and defusing bombs.
The UK will also fund more scanning equipment at Pakistani airports
British police will also work with their Pakistani counterparts providing help with forensic science and contingency planning for major terrorist incidents.
There will also be a £6 million British fund to help Pakistan counter the radicalization of young Muslims.
The Prime Minister said his aim was to form “the most comprehensive anti-terror programme Britain has with any country”.
Mr Brown said: “I want to help Pakistan root out terrorism. It is right that we help Pakistan root out terrorism.”
He added: “People know that what can happen in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan can affect directly what happens on the streets of our towns. I want to remove the chain of terror.”
Mr Brown also demanded Pakistan do more to stop miliants moving over the border into Afghanistan to attack British troops.
He said: “We have talked about how we can do more to ensure there is more security at the border. It is in all our interests to root out the problem where there are people who practice terror who are moving with ease.”

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