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Verbs from Shillong wins Nokia Christmas Rock 2008

What a year ender that would be when in spite of spite and turmoil yet once again Shillong has led the way to show that music is the balm of all pain.
Inimitable 2008 created a niche once again for Shillongites when five head-banging rock bands from the North East challenged each other while belting out original scores and covers to vie for the coveted title of the Nokia Christmas Rock 2008.
Amidst a slow and steady drizzle cheering fans converged at the Malki Ground here Saturday to egg their favourite rockers who in spite of the chill and unprecedented December rain gave it their all.
“It just feels great and thanks to the Lord coz God helps those who help themselves. Also I want to thank our families and our fans for supporting us and believing in us,” said Donald front man of the Verbs the eventual winners of the contest.
‘Divine Connection’ from Dimapur, fresh from their debut album release (2008) and debutant runners up of the Hornbill rock contest 2006, ‘Without a Trace’ an upcoming rock band from Mizoram, ‘Recycle’ fronted by two time winner of Best Vocalist at the Hornbill 2006 and 07, ‘Native Rules,’ Campus Rock Idol 2005 and IIT, Guwahati 2006 champions and the latest northeast sensation and new addition to the music dictionary of Meghalaya – ‘Verbs,’ winners of the 2008 Hornbill contest were the participating bands who gave their all to the delight of the wet fans.
Venturing into the touch phone podium, premier mobile phone maker Nokia initiated this first-time event as part of their nationwide launch of the soon to be popular 5800 Music Xpress phone.
“Shillong Rocks and what better place to launch our new phone. Music Xpress is all about those who love their phones and music,” a senior Nokia executive said.
The happy event was managed by A.R.T. Entertainment and Services Pvt. Ltd. – an organization based in Guwahati involved in event, artist and advertisement management and which has been steadily establishing itself as an organization with astute prowess and broad organizational capabilities.
To wind up the event the organizers roped in popular Parikrama who in spite of the rain and faltering sound due to inclement weather managed to “sweep the people off their feet,” according to Nitin the front man of the band.

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