Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Pakistan officially admits Kasab is a Pakistani citizen

After weeks of denials, Pakistan Wednesday finally owned up to the lone survivor of Mumbai attacks Ajmal Amir Kasab but, given the heinous nature of the crime, refused to provide him the legal aid he has sought.
“We have received information from the competent authority that he’s a Pakistani,” foreign office spokesman Muhammad Sadiq told IANS.
However, the spokesman said that Pakistan will not provide any legal aid to him. “He has done a heinous crime and cannot be provided any sort of help,” Sadiq maintained.
Information Minister Sherry Rehman also confirmed that Kasab is a Pakistani national.
She said this in a text message sent to several journalists, after which the foreign office spokesman also confirmed the report.
However, both refused to give more details.
The confusion began in the evening when a television channel quoted National Security Advisor Mahmud Durrani as saying that Kasab is a Pakistani. However, his spokesman was quick to deny his statement but Rehman then sent her message to journalists.
Later, Rehman told GEO TV that Pakistan will make public any reports after the investigations into the Mumbai carnage. “We don’t want to hide anything and want a transparent probe into the incident,” she added.

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