Sunday, February 25, 2024

Conservation of biodiversity in NE

Indian Scientists have recommended setting up of a nodal centre for conservation and protection of biodiversity along the models of bio-village.
Besides, the nodal centre, Indian scientists who assembled in the just concluded Indian Science Congress (ISC) held at North Eastern Hill University suggested that the nodal centre should be established in Shillong.
ISC also recommended the formation of state level Scientific Advisory Councils for all states in North Eastern region with capacity building programmes in science education and introduction of project based learning on biodiversity to be strengthened.
Suggesting the establishment of a centre for promotion of bio-village concepts and Human Resource Development initiatives in the region, the scientific community recommended of giving 2000 fellowships for masters in science and PhD level education of youth for sustaining the research establishments in the region.
On natural disaster management and clean energy, ISC advised for further research and development on the drought-like situations in NER to be connected to weather patterns under changing circumstances.
Technological frame work and insurance systems to back disaster management and mitigation as well as fiscal policy instruments like tax-emption for investments made in insurance have also been suggested.

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