Sunday, February 25, 2024

Auto-rickshaws raising funds for clean water

A team of 57 amateur auto-rickshaws from across the globe raising funds for clean drinking water have started arriving in Shillong for a grand closing ceremony scheduled to be held on Janaury 15 at Polo ground.
The three-wheeled auto-rickshaws are taking part in the cross country ride organized by the United Kingdom based adventurists covering 5000 kilometres from Pondicherry to Shillong, the state capital of Meghalaya.
The rickshaw run is being organized to raise fund for Mercy Corps and Frank Water.
Frank Water helps in providing sustainable sources of clean drinking water to communities who desperately needs it. And Mercy Corps works with the disadvantaged communities in the north eastern region fulfilling vital health and economic needs.
Before the closing ceremony at Polo ground on January 15, the auto-rickshaws teams will play a friendly cricket match with the Shillong Cricket Club and later in the evening there were will be a musical extravaganza at Pinewood Hotel.
“This is the fifth edition of the Rickshaw Run and the Meghalaya Tourism department has been of great help as they are helping for the closing ceremony,” Adventurists founder Tom Morgan said.
He said the mix of extreme unsupported adventure and raising large sums of money for charity is great for supporting tourism in India and getting much needed charity funds to projects that make a big difference in people’s lives.
Each team will have to raise at least 1000 pounds for the official charities Mercy Corps and Frank Water, Morgan said.

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