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NERCORMP for insurgency infested areas

The North Eastern Region Community Resource Management Project (NERCORMP) is the only project implemented with no interference or disturbance from insurgents in the state of Manipur and other insurgency infested states of the region like Assam, authorities of Manipur government said while urging union government to extend the closed down project.
NERCORMP was formally closed down on September 2008 as International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has no longer associated with the project implemented with North Eastern Council (NEC) as nodal implementing agency.
“NERCORMP operated and had achieved its objective not only in difficult geographical terrain but against adverse odds including law and order situation due to active presence of underground elements and groups in the project areas, particularly in Manipur and Assam,” mentioned the Manipur government statement pressing for extension of the project in the region.
The officials of the project had never been hindered or obstructed from carrying out their works by any group even in the most difficult districts of the region, officials also said observing that the transparency and unquestionable commitment of NERCORMP was respected and recognized by all sections.
NERCORMP was launched in May 1999 as a joint livelihood project of IFAD and North Eastern Council.
The project was implemented at the regional and district levels through registered societies established as special purpose vehicle to achieve the objectives of the project as per the IFAD load agreement.
IFAD-NEC cooperation was successful with NERCORMP excelling as a very important project both at national and international level, having strong replicable strength that now “it is considered as a robust and replicable developmental model in the north eastern region”.
The project has also been acknowledged in NER Vision 2020 documents as one of the most suitable development for the region.
It is pertinent to mention that even as IFAD assistance was gradually approaching its end, the ministry of DoNER (Department of North East Region) have been engaging with the work bank for sometime to launch the NERLP (North Eastern Region Livelihood Project), originally proposed to be built on the approach and strength of NERCRMP.
The project covered 862 villages, reaching out to 39161 families living in some of the most inaccessible hill districts of the North East.
It reached remote villages in the districts where government organizations and other developmental agencies have little or no developmental initiatives. It has been designed in a way so as to reach-out to the poorest of the poor, and has been able to successfully deliver results, official said.
The project has organized the beneficiary families into 3168 self help groups and 1020 natural resource management groups (NaRMGs).
NERCORMP is a fairly large and successfully implemented project and its achievement can be written in volumes, its achievement need to be measured against the background of the region where results on ground often is not commensurate with the amount invested due to many reasons including law and order situations.
However, through active participation of communities and handy work of the committed team, the project today has many breakthroughs to share, the government statement further observed.

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