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NASA meet begins; Group-A tops medal tally on Day 1

Blending a vibrant culture from traditional to modernity, the Northern Angami Sports Association (NASA) golden jubilee (1959-2009) meet got off to a colorful start at local ground, Kohima here Tuesday.
Four units of Northern Angami Sports Association (NASA) – ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’, which comprises of 33 villages, numbering one thousand participants is battling out for supremacy in the four -day events.
Earlier, the NASA torch was carried by some outstanding personalities – Ruokuotuolie Khezhie, Neingunuo Belho (Both Group –A), Rhilhou Lhoungu, Thenukesaii Tsira (Both Group –B), Roko Angami, Neilasienuo Khro (Both Group –C), Vikuorolie Kire , Keziengunuo Theiinuo (Group-D and finally it was lighted by Neibu Rio (Group-D), former Naga wrestling champion. Special number was presented by Ruokuovtuo (Naga Idol, 2007) and the NASA Golden Jubilee theme was sung by Ledilhounuo and friend.
Declaring the meet opened as chief guest, Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu, minister for Urban Development and Higher Education urged upon the sportspersons to maintained strict discipline while taking part in sporting activities
Expressing regret over the lack of sports infrastructure in the state, the minister said despite those facilities, the sports persons have done tremendously and were able to brought laurels and glory at various levels. He also lauded the visionary peoples for their initiative in starting the sports meet fifty years back. Earlier Rev. Kiezotuo Zhale, senior pastor Baptist Mission Church said the prayer and the function was chaired by Neiyalie Angami, Chairman organizing committee, welcome address was delivered by Er. Vipulhou Lhoungu, president NASA.
The administration of oath to the players was done by Lhoubeizo Kesiyie, secretary NASA.
The jubilee meet will witness competition in 10 different games and sports events, with 38 gold medals to be given away to different winners, spreading across the four-day. The venues of the meet are Khuochiezie local ground, Indoor Stadium and Indira Gandhi stadium.
Altogether 10 disciplines – Athletics, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Air Rifle Shooting for men and women, Cricket, Tug-of- War and Naga Wrestling for men only will be conducted during the four day meet.
Athletics, Volleyball, Basketball, Tug-Of war and Naga Wrestling will be played in local ground and other disciplines will be played at Indoor Stadium and Indira Gandhi stadium.
On day one Athletics (men and women) and Tug-Of war (men) were played in local ground, Kohima.
Meanwhile, Table Tennis for both men and women were on at Indoor stadium.
Tug of war – 1. Group-B (Gold), 2. Group- D(Silver) , 3.Group-C (Bronze)
Long Jump (w) – 1. Zhovino (Group-B) (Gold) -4.41 meters, 2.Avinuo (Group-C) (Silver) -3.87 meters, 3. Keneizenuo (Group-A) (Bronze) -3.85 meters.
Javelin Throw (w) – 1. Razoukhrienuo (Group-C) (Gold) -27.84meters, 2. Neilasienuo (Group-C) (Silver) -25.79 meters, 3. Kedilenuo(Group-A) (Bronze) -25.29 meters.
800 meters(W) – 1. Ngulieneinuo (Group-B) (Gold) -2.43.97 mts , 2.Ruokuosanuo (Group-A) (Silver) -2.51.41 mts, 3. Zevotuonuo (Group-B) (Bronze) -2.57.08 mts.
100 x 4 mts rally race (W) – 1.Group-B (Gold) -1.01.81 mts , 2.Group-A (Silver) -1.02.72mts, 3. Group-C (Bronze) -1.07.40 mts.
Discuss (M) -1. Kedilelhou (Group-A) (Gold) -32.57 meters, 2.Petevituo (Group-B) (Silver) -31.35 meters, 3. Luolazotuo(Group-C) (Bronze) -30.28 meters,
High Jump (M) – 1.Ketoukhrielie (Group-A) (Gold) -1.75 meters, 2. Thepfusalie (Group-B) (Silver) -1.66 meters, 3. Vilzazolie(Group-A) (Bronze) -1.60 meters.
800 meters (M) – 1. Dziesevituo (Group-A) (Gold) -2.13.63 mts , 2.Ruopfukhrietuo(Group-A) (Silver) -2.16.66 mts, 3. Keneisezo (Group-A) (Bronze) -2.17.70 mts.
100 x 4 mts rally race (M) – 1.Group-A (Gold) -49.19 secs , 2.Group-C (Silver) -50.75 sec, 3. Group-B (Bronze) -53.68.secs.
Events on Day Two (January 14, Wednesday starting at 9.00 am )
AT LOCAL GROUND: Athletics – 100 mts race (M & W) , Javelin (M), High Jump(W) , 400 mts race(M & W) , Shot Put(M), 1500mts race(M & W), Long Jump(M), Discuss Throw(W), 200 mts race(M & W) , 5000 mts (M) and 3000 mts(W). All final events.
Volleyball (M)- Group-D vs Group-B at 12.00 noon, Group-C vs Group-A at 1.30 pm.
Volleyball (W)- Group-C vs Group-D at 9.00 am, Group-A vs Group-B at 10.30 am.
Basketball (M)- Group-A vs Group-C at 9.00 am, Group-B vs Group-D at 10.30 am.
Basketball (W)- Group-C vs Group-A at 12.00 noon, Group-B vs Group-D at 1.30 pm.
Football (M) – Group-C vs Group-B at 10.30 am, Group-A vs Group-D at 2.00 pm.
Football (W) – Group-D vs Group-B at 9.00 am, Group-C vs Group-A at 12.00 pm.
Shooting(M) – Group-A vs Group-B at 11.00 am , Group-C vs Group-D at 2.00 pm, Third place at 1.00 pm and finals at 3.00 pm
Shooting (W)- Group-A vs Group-D at 9.00 am, Group-C vs Group-B at 10.00 am, Third place at 12.30 pm and finals at 2.00 pm
Cricket (M) – Group-D vs Group-B at 8.00 am, Group-C vs Group-A at 12.00 pm.
AT INDOOR STADIUM, starting 4.00 onwards Badminton (M)- Group-A vs Group-D , Group-B vs Group-C
Badminton (W)- Group-A vs Group-D, Group-B vs Group-C

Medals tally (on Day 1)
Gold Silver Bronze total
Group A 4 3 4 11
Group B 4 2 2 8
Group C 1 2 2 7
Group D 0 1 0 1

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