Wednesday, February 21, 2024

NASA ‘A’ wins 5 more gold; Naga Wrestling today

NASA ‘A’ on Thursday notched up five more gold in games events and is all set to emerge as the over all champion in the medal tally in the ongoing NASA golden Jubilee meet, at Kohima..
On the penultimate day of the meet on Thursday, NASA ‘A’ raised its tally to 17 Gold, NASA ‘B’ is in second place with 14 Gold, NASA ‘C’ has won six Gold, while NASA ‘D’ opened its account in Gold medal by wining the Badminton men’s event on Wednesday night.
On Friday at 9.00 am, Naga wrestling competition will start at 9 am, with a prayer by Rev. Kevimese Suohu , Pastor Nagabazar Baptist Church and administering of oath to wrestlers by Riikhietuolie Liezietsu, wrestling secretary NASA.
The closing function of the NASA meet will be held at 4 pm with Dr. Neikiesalie (Nicky) Kire, MLA and chairman Nagaland Khadi and Village Industries Board (NKVIB) as the guest of honour, who will also gave away the prizes.

Day three results
Badminton (M) – 1 . Group -D , 2. Group- C, 3. Group A
Badminton (W) -1. Group –A , 2. Group- B, 3. Group –D
Basketball (M) – 1. Group –A , 2. Group- D, Group –B
Basketball (W) – 1. Group –A , 2. Group- B, Group –C
Cricket (M)- – 1. Group –A , 2. Group- B, Group –C
Football (M) – 1. Group –A , 2. Group- B, Group –C
Football(W) – 1. Group –C , 2. Group- B, Group –D
Volleyball(M) – 1. Group –C , 2. Group- D, Group –B
Volleyball(W) – 1. Group –A, 2. Group- C, Group –B
Best Men Athlete – Keneisezo Dziivichii –Group-A (2 Gold- 1500 mts, 5000 mts and 1 Bronze- 800 mts)
Best Women Athlete – Ngulieneinuo Zhale –Group-B (3 Gold- 200 mts, 400 mts and 800 mts)
Wrestling fixture (January 16 Friday)
Round -1 Group- C vs Group-D, Group- A vs Group-B
Round -2 Group- B vs Group-C, Group- D vs Group-A
Round -3 Group- C vs Group-A, Group- B vs Group-D
Followed by Individual and Champion round.

Group-A- Gold-17- Silver-12, Bronze-14 -Total-43
Group- B –Gold -14; Silver-10; Bronze-10 -Total-34
Group-C – Gold-6; Silver-11; Bronze-9 -Total-26
Group- D- Gold-1; Silver 5; Bronze-4 -Total-10

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