Thursday, February 22, 2024

Plan to expand AIR in NE

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has decided to expand All India Radio coverage in the sparsely populated and remote areas of the North Eastern States, including Sikkim, a government statement said Thursday.
The 11th Plan is focusing on the expansion of radio coverage through the implementation of the schemes of FM radio transmission by 2017 i.e. the end of the 12th Plan. A fund of Rs.80 crore, Rs. 200 crore and Rs. 1627 crore for the years 2007-08, 2008-09 and the 11th Plan are allocated respectively, the statement said.
At present, India has about 223 radio stations with 356 transmitters covering 91.42% area and 99.13% population. The expected coverage of radio after the 10th Plan period is around 92.92% by area and 99.49% by population.
The government’s decision for expansion of FM broadcasting has been successful in providing quality programmes of local content and relevance, giving fillip to local talents, generation of employment and revenue. The community FM broadcasting focuses on the common man’s day to day concerns and has led to rural empowerment by highlighting various aspects of the disadvantaged communities and thereby fulfilling their aspirations.

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