Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Advani says he has qualities to become Prime Minister

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s prime minister hopeful L.K. Advani Thursday asserted that he has the right attributes for the country’s top job, days after prominent industrialists said Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was fit for the post. He was responding to a questioner who asked him during an internet chat on if India did not need a younger prime minister who understood the global concerns and could think of a modern India.
Advani, 81, said: “The question you have asked, I think the important part of it is that you need to understand the global situation; and who can think of a modern India. These are the two essential attributes you rightly think are necessary to lead the country. I can humbly claim that it is possible for me to do so.” Leading industrialists Anil Ambani and Sunit Bharti Mittal had Jan 14 publicly praised BJP’s Narendra Modi and said he had the mettle to be the prime minister.
They were attending an investors’ summit in Gujarat’s commercial capital Ahmedabad.
During the chat session, Advani told another questioner that he was in good health because he is a small eater.
He said: “I believe that a person’s mental and psychological health has a lot to do with his/her physical health. I am a small eater, some friends attribute my physical health to this fact.”
“Jokingly a doctor who met me a couple of months back said to me that he had a thesis in respect of food. When god creates man, he lays down the total amount of food he will consume in his lifetime, it depends entirely on him whether he takes 50 years to consume it or 70 years,” Advani said.

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