Sunday, February 25, 2024

Indian scientists discover tool for cancer detection

Indian scientist have developed worlds first low-cost diagnostic tool for detection of early cancer in human body that could enhance chances for recovery.
“Its a simple blood-test kit, much like a pregnancy or diabetes test. I have discovered a bio-molecular marker of cancer in blood, which can easily track cancer through blood test”, Prof RN Sharan of the North Eastern Hills University (NEHU) said.
Prof Sharan, Chief of the Department of Bio-Chemistry in NEHU said that it took him and his team of PhD students at the Department of Biochemistry about two decades to discover the bio-molecular marker of cancer.
He said the bio-molecular tool has passed preliminary trials and is now being vetted through multi-centre tests in USA and Japan. The kit may be ready for mass production in about two to three years time.
We have developed and standardised a non-invasive, non-radioactive and highly sensitive immunoassay to quantify the bio-marker in blood samples of patients, the Bio-Chemist said.
The diagnostic kit could be used for regular screening of population for cancer, who visit a hospital, health clinic, or a primary health centre for any other medical conditions.
The test could be performed by any individual at home and it should not cost more than Rs 100. “What it requires is a small amount of blood, which can be drawn from a finger tip”, he said.
Prof Sharans novel and innovative blood-based immunological test for early cancer detection has been duly recognised as emerging technologies and potential research from Indian Universities by UGC-UDP-APCTT-SPI panel in 2002. He has already secured an Indian patent (PAT/4.18.2/08044) and is now waiting for a patent from the United States.

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