Thursday, February 22, 2024

Mooshahary asks Nath to incorporate edu in NEIIPP

Meghalaya governor RS Mooshahary has urged union minister for industries and commerce Kamal Nath to incorporate technical/ professional and vocational training institutes in the North East Industrial and Investment Promotion Policy (NEIIPP), 2007.
Mooshahary said the inclusion would attract private institutions builders to address the problem of skill shortage in the North Eastern region. “Private entrepreneurs would be interested in building such institution of skill inculcation if we can provide some incentives and support to them,” the governor said.
In a letter addressed to the union minister, Mooshahary said one way of doing this is to revisit the packages that the government offered through the NEIIPP, 2007. The Policy has excluded technical/ professional and vocational training institutes though under clause XI I (iii) though it includes vocational training institutes. It could be that it was an unintended omission, he said.
Mooshahary added, “North East needs technical/ professional institutions with state of the art infrastructure for imparting skill-related education to the growing number of youth in the region to enhance their employability.”
He said for this it was essential to have private participation as the government efforts alone are not adequate.

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