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Mothers have a big role in bringing unity: Rio

In the backdrop of public hue and cry for unity among Naga underground groups, Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio expressed his confidence that the Naga mothers could a play major role in bringing about unity in the Naga society.
“If we don’t know how to be united, mothers can play a great role in uniting the Nagas,” Rio said. He was addressing the silver jubilee celebrations of the Naga Mothers’ Association as the chief guest at ATI hall Kohima on Saturday.
He also reminded that centuries ago, Nagas were primitive and practiced head hunting in the villages not knowing that they were of the same family.
“Nagas were not united even during the British times. And, after coming under India, the Nagas are further divided,” he stated.
However, with the advent of the British and Christianity, the Nagas today in the 21st century are civilised and must learn to live together.
Rio also lauded the NMA for their contributions towards the Naga society in fighting various social evils and the successes they made in fighting drug abuse, alcoholism, suppressed rights of women and fratricidal killings.
“For everything you’ve done, we salute the mothers for what you’ve done.”
While recalling that in the initial stage of its formation, the NMA suffered some setbacks, he said, however it slowly gained strength and was able to influence the policy makers. “Individually, our women are helpless because they are loving, caring, gentle and timid and never intend to fight back for which the husbands sometimes take advantage,” Rio said and apologized on behalf of the husbands.
On the occasion, the chief guest also formally released the silver jubilee souvenir and the special plaque of NMA.
Former NMA president and NSWC chairperson Sano Vamuso in her address thanked all concerned for their selfless contribution towards the association.
She also clarified that the NMA represents all the mothers and that all the mothers are de-facto members of the association.
She also reminded that role of the mothers are changing fast from taking care of household chores to super women capable of doing everything. In this regard, she stressed that the Naga mothers must play a greater role healing the broken homes.
Earlier, Lhusi Haralu in her brief voluntary speech reminded that the NMA was born apolitical and stressed the need to maintain its same neutrality.
On the occasion, the Nagaland Christian Forum, Naga Hoho, NPMHR, NSF and Forum for Naga Reconciliation extended their solidarity with NMA.
A special prayer led by Rev. Dr K Kapfo was also held for the mothers on the occasion.
Other special attractions of the celebration included special songs by prominent local artistes and other cultural items including traditional and modern attire show, songs etc presented by the mothers representing various units.

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