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Kyong hoho meet held

Second joint meeting of Kyong hoho with Wokha Town Council, Kyong Eloe Hoho, Kyong Ekhae Ekhung (LSU), WDGBA, colony chairmen and secretaries and GBs was held on February 8 where it deliberated on the matter pertaining to its earlier resolutions for not being able to celebrate Tokhu Emong festival last year due to the situation created by 41 AR.
According to a press release issued jointly by Kyong Hoho, the meeting clarified earlier resolution No.1 of November 7, 2008, which stated that 41 Assam Rifles battalion presently posted at Wokha should be withdrawn immediately was meant to replace the battalion from Wokha due to the arrogant and irresponsible act during Tokhu Emong, 2008, celebration which had severely effected the peaceful co-existence between the security forces and the citizens of Wokha town which was prevalent earlier.
The release also said that in regard to its earlier resolution No.2 of November 7, 2008, stated that “pumping water from public well (Etsutchuka) by the army shall not be allowed” was meant only from public well but not from other sources as water from public well was not sufficient enough for public consumption.
Further, the meeting strongly viewed the lackadaisical/indifferent attitude of the Assam Rifles authorities for not heeding to the just demands of citizens of Wokha whereby the representation submitted to GOC 3 Corps, Rangapahar, was yet to be responded and reiterated to continue public boycott of 41 Assam Rifles socially and personal visits to their camps in totality till further notice, except teachers and students attending classes, the release added.

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