Thursday, February 22, 2024

Lives of Aarushi case accused ruined

The trio spent 90 days each in CBI custody. But, the CBI could not even to file a chargesheet in last year’s grisly May 16 Aarushi murder case. But, few people are aware of the torment and humiliation that the accused, Krishna, Raj Kumar and Vijay Mandal, have had to live with since.
Krishna lost his job also his brother-in-law Bhim Bahadur and brother Mohan have also lost their jobs. Told that the CBI had now offered a reward of Rs 1 lakh to anyone who makes recoveries of the weapon and other evidence, Krishna said, “My entire family is ruined. My sisters feed me. The CBI now admits it never had any evidence.” Curiously, according to accused Raj Kumar’s lawyer, Naresh Yadav, “A CBI inspector had called me specifically to get Raj Kumar back from Nepal, for ‘further investigation’. Raj Kumar arrived on January 2, waited for the CBI to contact him and, finally, returned to Nepal to his parents. The CBI keeps harassing these poor people even now.”
Now, since Raj Kumar is getting no jobs since his photos were plastered on the front pages of all national dailies, he has enrolled in a school in Kapilvastu, Nepal to complete his class 11 course, and maybe study further to be more eligible for a job.
Earlier, in Ghaziabad, Raj Kumar had told this correspondent that sections of the media wrongly published that he had run away to Nepal. “I had never run away. Or why would I come back, now? But, if I stayed in India, would the media feed me? I have lost my old job with the doctor couple in Noida. And, since my face has been on every paper and television, nobody employs me. How would I keep alive in India?” The third domestic helper picked up by the CBI, Vijay Mandal of Bihar, has been luckier. He was not detained for so long. And, the focus had mostly been on Raj Kumar and Krishna. But, he, too, had to go home to his parents just to eat, for several months. And, Krishna’s counsel, FC Sharma, feels the “CBI should have filed a final report, by now, clearing all the unjustly accused persons. If it still does not have any clues, why is it not filing a final report in court?” As for Doctors Rajesh and Nupur Talwar, all attempts to contact them failed. But their lives, too, have changed completely. It is a couple that could not mourn the death of its only child. It’s a couple that cannot even return home to Noida.

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