Sunday, February 25, 2024

Fear of fratricidal bloodshed at NC Hills gearing up

Possibility of a fierce fratricidal violence in NC Hills is looming large with anti-insurgency operation led by Indian army reaching its pinnacle; inspite of massive pressure exerted by security forces against the warring Back Widow militants, the outfit is carrying parallel guerrilla warfare throughout the district.
With the Dima Halam Daigah, (N) advocating before the Central Government to initiate strong measure against the Black Widow militants for their alleged involvement in unjustified killing and torture on innocent people of NC Hills, leeway of a high voltage carnage between DHD (N) and Black Widow militants in near future can’t be ruled out. The DHD (N) has recently claimed that uncountable incidences of killing, kidnapping, torture and extortion are going unabated at NC Hills , while in majority of the cases , Black Widow ultras have been found guilty of causing such crimes, even the NC Hills district administration has failed to track the ultras inspite of having every logistics and presence of large number of security forces at its disposal, this mystified attitude of the law and order authority has adversely affected every section of the society, the DHD (N) leaders shortly said.
The DHD (N) apex leaders suggested that sufficient evidence can be gathered which will suggest that the ruling authorities of NC Hills District autonomous council are working hand in gloves with the Black Widow militants, under the circumstances most of the DHD (N) cadres and their relatives have been victimized, till date no family members of the deceased DHD (N) activists have received any compensation from the Government, they mentioned.
It may be recalled that Avijit Maibongsa, a teacher by profession and brother of DHD (N) Camp commander of Digendu designated camp was shot dead by militants on 11th February at Maibong, again on the same day family members of DHD (N) activists were tortured at village Khailemdisha . Many innocent villagers were injured in the incidence, among them Sukendu Jigdung, Rohin Khersa, Dinesh Khersa, Jobita Langmailai, Michel Thousan are still undergoing treatment at the Haflong Civil Hospital.
The overall situation can take a ‘U-turn’ on any given day, after remaining at the receiving end for most of the occasion , a sense of apprehension can be seen among the family members of DHD (N) members, a volatile situation is surfacing which can turn into a mayhem at any moment engulfing entire NC Hills.

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