Sunday, February 25, 2024

Mizo police personnel bust emerging insurgent group

The Mizoram police have busted an underground group in the making with the arrest of its top leaders from an undisclosed location in the city, police said Tuesday.
”We have arrested five top leaders of an emerging insurgent outfit – United Nation Council of Mizos. A .33 modified rifle with eight rounds of ammunition, one magazine, .22 local-made pistol with six rounds of ammunition and some documents were recovered from their possession,” Aizawl SP Lalbiakthanga Khiangte said.
The Aizawl police had been on the trail of this group of anti-social elements after they abducted one Malsawma (40) from Thingsul town, about 60 kms from Aizawl on the night of February 8.
However, the kidnappers released the hostage after holding him for two days in their captivity without harming him.
In a similar incident, one Joseph Lalhriatzuala (26) was abducted by two unidentified men in army camouflage from his residence at Ramthar locality here on the night of February 15.
In a separate incident, Aizawl police Tuesday arrested two kidnappers along with one of their accomplices from a farmhouse a few kilometres west of Aizawl and rescued a handcuffed Joseph from them.But police ruled out any connection between the two kidnapping incidents.
Coincidentally, the two kidnapped were collectors of money in a huge financial fraud locally referred to as Chiahpuam bank which the Aizawl police busted in October.
While police have established that the kidnappers of Malsawma, who were members of the aborted underground group, had nothing to do with the financial fraud, they admitted that the kidnappers of Joseph were the distressed investors in the fake banks who hoped to get back their lost money by kidnapping one of the collectors.
Meanwhile, the Aizawl police today said they had arrested 35 persons, registered 17 cases and recovered Rs 6,08,29,160 in cash and seized a good number of assets in connection with the financial fraud. They also recovered eight numbers of fake notes in Rs 500 denominations.
So far, the special investigation team on Chiahpuam has seized 40 land settlement certificates 38 of them worth Rs 7,64,55,000, thirty-six different kinds of vehicles worth Rs 1,06,02,441, forty-two accounts valued at Rs 1,22,73,130.66, thirty-four cheques worth Rs 58,45,685.56, eight ATM cards worth Rs 20,219 and nineteen life insurance policies worth Rs 7,58,91,914.
The total value of the seized assets, including jewellry, cash counting machines and furniture, amounted to Rs 24,28,39,367.22, according to the police source. Rs 5,97,90,000 of the recovered cash (Rs 6,08,29,160) has been deposited to the SBI Aizawl main branch in fixed deposit at the interest rate of 6.5 per cent per annum for the welfare of the Chiahpuam investors.

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