Sunday, February 25, 2024

NCA selects players

Nagaland Chess Association (NCA) has selected 10 players for the Nagaland State ‘A’ chess championship scheduled to be held in the month of July. According to Nagaland Chess Association (NCA) the players were selected at the recently concluded ninth Nagaland State ‘B’ Chess championship held at Kohima. The names of the players are: Melasai Dawhuo, Kevilekho Zumvu, Visanyuzo Kuotsu, Kahoshe Awomi, Mughaho Awomi, Tokuho Awomi, Sekhamo Chakhesang, Sukhavi Achumi, Visai Yano and Atovi Kiho. Out of the ten players in the championship the top four will be selected for the national chess championship to be held in Kolkata.

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