Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Chinese expert objects to India rebuilding SFF

A Chinese government expert has questioned India’s reported decision to rebuild its Special Frontier Forces (SFF) to cope with China’s frequent military actions along the border. He asked whether reviving the SFF is a “practical solution” to the border problem. Basing his comments on a news report, Ye Hailin, chief of the South Asia Studies Center under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that the decision to rebuild the SFF is India’s internal affair, but the country should think carefully about whether this is a practical solution. “China has no right to stop India’s efforts. Likewise, its cooperation and exchanges with Bangladesh and Nepal need no consent from India,” Ye was quoted in the state controlled Global Times as saying. The report was republished by the People’s Daily Online, the Communist Party’s main mouthpiece, on Wednesday.
Discussed the report about the SFF, the People’s Daily said, “But experts have since pointed out that India should approach this task with caution”. 
It also published a photograph of joint military exercise by Indian and Chinese troops in China’s Yunnan province in October 2015.
This is among a series of objections raised by China against military decisions of several countries in recent weeks. It has opposed efforts by South Korea to establish a missile base along with the United States, and seized naval vessels being sent by Singapore to Taiwan. Chinese navy also seized an undersea drone operated by the United States navy before returning it on Tuesday.
The People’s Daily report also said that SSF, which was establihsed after the border confict with China in 1963, was “the ears and eyes of India’s frontier forces” and played a significant role in gathering intelligence from border areas and neighboring countries.

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