Sunday, February 25, 2024

MH370 likely north of search area: Experts

The vanished Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is highly unlikely to be in the current search zone and may instead be in a region farther north, according to latest analysis by a team of international investigators. 
For two years, a handful of ships have diligently combed a remote patch of the Indian Ocean west of Australia in a USD 160 million bid to find the Boeing 777. Today, investigators made what was surely a painful admission: They have probably been looking in the wrong place. Though crews are expected to finish their deep-sea sonar hunt of the current search area next month, the possibility of extending the search to the north appeared doubtful, with Australia’s transport minister suggesting the analysis wasn’t specific enough to justify continuing the hunt. The latest twist in the search for Flight 370 highlights the extraordinary difficulty officials have faced in their attempts to find the aircraft based on the faintest scraps of data.

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