Sunday, February 25, 2024

F&AR Longleng sells more than 200 kg fish

 More than 200 kilograms of different varieties of fish were sold to denizens of Longleng town during a “Local fish Sales Day” organized by the department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (F&AR) Longleng.

The department set up a Fish Kiosk on July 26 during the sales day organized in collaboration with local fish farmers of the district.
The event was graced by Vitoka Yepthomi, Extra Assistant Commissioner (EAC) HQ Longleng. The EAC, while lauding the department and local fish farmers of the district for organizing the sales day at the right time, said the government had been restricting the sale of imported fish from other states after they were found to be laced with the harmful chemical formalin which poses major health hazards for consumers. Vitoka said consuming locally grown fish was more beneficial from the point of view of health as the nutritional value of local produce is greater than produce that is imported from other states. Also, he said, local fish are fresh and free from contaminants. The EAC also added that consuming locally grown products also boosts the local economy by supporting small scale farmers. He therefore called upon fish farmers of the district to continue fish farming as one of the major projects to improve the district’s economy.
Sub-Divisional Fishery Officer (SDFO) who was also present during the sales day reported that another sales day would be organized very soon after making proper arrangements and after consultation with fish farmers of the district.

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