Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Demi Lovato ‘could have died’ from alleged overdose

 Demi Lovato, 25, could have died from her alleged overdose, sources close to the singer tell TMZ, adding, it was that serious. The 911 call, in which the person requested the emergency vehicles not sound their sirens, did not come a minute too soon, the source claims, as Demi was reportedly in major crisis. The singer remains hospitalized in California as far as we know, after an alleged overdose from an unidentified drug(s).

It was on Tuesday, July 24, that Demi was allegedly found unconscious inside her Hollywood Hills home after a night of heavy partying with friends. A friend inside her home called 911, pleading with the dispatcher that they needed to get help as soon as possible. Demi received Narcan, a lifesaving drug, which counteracts opioids. Conflicting reports claim there were two different ways the singer received the drug — one report alleges it was the paramedics who administered it; another claims it was her friends inside the home who gave it to her. Nothing has been confirmed.
After being admitted to the hospital, Demi’s rep confirmed to HollywoodLife that she was “awake and with her family.” The rep also confirmed that some of the information being reported is “incorrect.” It was originally reported that Demi allegedly overdosed on heroin, however, the report was retracted. It is currently unknown what drug Demi allegedly used.
Those close to the singer are reportedly urging her to enter rehab, as some allegedly attempted to organize an intervention before the incident. However, that decision will ultimately be hers.
Demi was on tour amidst her alleged overdose. She is scheduled to travel to Mexico in September for a string of international dates, which are planned through the end of November. Demi’s team has not released any type of statement involving her upcoming engagements. Nonetheless, a show, scheduled for July 26 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, was cancelled following her hospitalization.

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