Wednesday, February 21, 2024

SASU undertakes first phase of educational tour

Phase one of Seyochung Area Students’ Union (SASU) educational tour started at Thsinger, Thungthur and Yingphire villages on July 26, under the theme, “quality education generates quality students.” 

A press release issued by SASU president, K. Chumseli Anar and general secretary Holise Sangtam stated that the union held meetings with village councils, GBs, teachers and the public for reformation of quality education. SASU also declared the illegal proxy teacher system abolished within its jurisdiction. 
Seyochung Area Students’ Union  has informed government teachers who are unable to perform their duties to voluntarily retire so that thousands of aspiring unemployed youth may get a chance. 
Seyochung Area Students’ Union  also cautioned that it would conduct surprise checking in all schools simultaneously under its jurisdiction at any time. It firmly warned dishonest teachers failing to comply with the directive that SASU would take “stern action, including liable for termination of service if absent for more than one month without leave or if found employing proxy teacher.”
The union also stated that under GHS Longya the school was functioning without a head master, assistant headmaster, language teacher, office assistant (1 UDA),  LDA–&-computer assistants, peon, chowkidar and draughtsman. It further stated that the school had been functioning for years without a drawing teacher due to the teacher’s attachment with SDEO, Kiphire and also the only knitting helper had been transferred to Yangphi School Kiphire.  The union strongly demanded that the concerned authority give the due right of the school backed. 
The union also demanded that the government look into the matter seriously as Seyochung area falls under the aspirational district Kiphire, and that funds should be utilized for the genuine needs of the poor students.

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