NCD has no right to reject councillors, says DTHF


DIMAPUR, AUG 16 (NPN): Dimapur Tribal Hoho Forum (DTHF) Monday reiterated that the Naga Council Dimapur (NCD) has no right to reject any councillors as it was the prerogative of the respective tribal hoho to nominate or withdraw the councillors.
DTHF president Zhato Kimho and secretary Wanthang Rengma in a joint release also maintained that without the tribal hohos there was no NCD since NCD was constituted by the tribal hohos. DTHF therefore added that “Dimapur Tribal Hoho is the parent body of NCD which nobody can deny.” DTHF also insisted that it has every right to interfere in NCD because the hohos had nominated their councillors to NCD to work for the good of Nagas and “not to create problems.”
DTHF recalled that at a recent meeting with 11 tribes, the meeting reaffirmed the stand that the councillors were prerogative of the respective tribal hoho. Further, DTHF also mentioned that even the ASTD president himself had said that withdrawal and rejection of councillors lay with the respective tribes.
DTHF said it was formed with the objective of solving the NCD crises that arose “due to unconstitutional selection” of the present NCD officials. On its own formation, DTHF pointed out that the former ASTD president was the secretary when DTHF was formed. Later, DTHF said Wati Jamir, the former president of ASTD, became the president of the DTHF.
DTHF asserted that ASTD was the forerunner of DTHF and gave its best to solve crisis whenever they arose.
DTHF said the present ASTD president Meren Longchar had himself attended DTHF meeting and supported its decision by appending his signature, to ask NCD to accept the rejected councillors. However, DTHF said Meren Longchari was now against DTHF and supporting the NCD and questioned his principles.
DTHF said it always played a role for unity, justice and peaceful coexistence among all tribes. In this regard, DTHF said it set up a five-member peace committee consisting of five different tribes to solve the crises.
It said the Committee did its best to bring an amicable settlement between NCD and its rivals by suggesting several options. However, DTHF said NCD refused an amicable settlement by ignoring the committee’s efforts.
In this regard DTHF reiterated that it does not support either of the rival parties but only appealed to them to reach a compromise.
According to DTHF, the genesis of the current NCD imbroglio arose due to procedural lapses where the right system was not followed while choosing nomination of NCD office bearers. The system needed to be set right and nobody should mislead the public with lies and distorted facts, said DTHF.
While acknowledging Aos as pioneers and appreciating the good works done in the past, DTHF however said the present leadership of ASTD should not tarnish the good image of past ASTD leaders. It also reminded that while Meren Longchari claimed he was advocating majority rule why was he now supporting the minority forced imposed NCD executives?
DTHF asked Meren why did he initiate the MoU when he could not implement it and what had prompted him to undertake a signature campaign under the guise of compromise and mutual understanding? DTHF asked whether this was for good or for self interest. DTHF said Meren’s leadership was questionable and which was also discussed at a recent DTHF meeting.


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