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By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/19/2021 1:10:53 PM IST

 At the very outset, CIHSR offers deepest sympathy and condolences to the family who has lost their loved one due to Covid-19. Every life that has been lost fighting COVID has pained us immensely.

CIHSR would like to clarify misperception, misinterpretation and misrepresentation of events caused by WhatsApp message (7.08.2021) and YouTube video on 17.08.2021.

The two social media circulation has raised issues for which clarification is stated below:

Issue Clarification

1. “Patient Covid positive banai dise”: Patient was tested Rapid Antigen Test Positive from Zion Hospital on 23.07.2021 and referred to CIHSR.

CIHSR and District Hospital, Dimapur are the only Hospitals in Dimapur District identified by the Government to admit COVID positive patients at the moment.

2. Patient in Emergency department:

• Patient presented with severe breathlessness with respiratory rate of 52/min (Normal 14-16/min), oxygen saturation of 69% in room air (Normal oxygen level is more than 95% in room air).

• She also had other COVID symptoms i.e. dry cough, throat irritation and fever. This was further confirmed by the X- Ray Chest which showed both lung Pneumonic patches.

• No rib fracture was visible.

• At the time of arrival to the Emergency department, pregnancy related problem was not evident, however, the Obstetrician was consulted and necessary advice was given.

• For COVID symptoms, all necessary management was started at the Emergency department.

• In view of serious condition of the patient, the Emergency Doctor discussed the need for COVID ICU admission to the patient party, for which they agreed. Then she was sent to COVID ICU. Later at every stage of patient care, our staff met with patient relative and shared decisions were taken. This has been testified by the husband and sister in the You tube video.


1. Family not allowed to see the patient:  Visitors are discouraged to meet COVID patient inside COVID ICU/Ward for their safety sake. However, the patient party were allowed to meet the patient as per their request.

2. Forced Nasogastric tube (Nose pipe) feeding and not allowing solid food: Patient had to be put on continuous face mask Ventilator (Non-invasive ventilator) due to worsening of oxygen level. Taking solid food by mouth was causing worsening of the oxygen level. Therefore, she was fed through the Nasogastric tube.

3. Physical restraint (Tying of hands):  Physical restraint was applied to prevent pulling out of Oxygen face mask, Nasogastric tube and infusion lines. Physical restraint of patient in hospital is practiced all over the world whenever necessary.

4. Keeping Snake bite and stroke patient along with COVID positive patient: The Hospital has separate ICUs for COVID and Non¬COVID patients. Both Snake bite and Stroke patients were COVID positive on admission. Therefore, they were admitted in the COVID ICU. The lady concerned was in the COVID ICU.

5. Delay in release of dead body:  Death bodies of COVID positive patients are released after proper disinfection and packing as per Government guidelines alongwith necessary documentation which take additional time.

6. Medical documents held back by the hospital: All necessary medical reports were handed over to the patient party as per the Hospital protocol.

7. Not wearing proper PPE: PPE is worn according to the Hospital infection control policy and staff wears appropriate PPE according to need of situation during their duty shift.

Most of these issues arise due to misperception and communication gap. We have worked hard to bridge communication gap and doctors and nurses take time individually with patient attendants daily after Ward rounds to update on patient condition.

Recently, considering the fact that more than 2 lakh population of Dimapur have received at least one dose of COVID 19 vaccine, we are allowing one vaccinated attendant inside the COVID Ward during meal times.

COVID infection has affected millions throughout the world and it’s threat is everyday reality for all healthcare workers. Many health care workers have put their life on the line voluntarily to serve people who have been affected by this pandemic.

CIHSR remains committed to serve the people of Dimapur and Nagaland during this unrelenting Pandemic and we will strive to improve our services with every passing day.

Issued by CIHSR Management

Medical Superintendent CIHSR


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