Monday, February 19, 2024

SBAK (NM) women conference underway


A three-day Sumi Baptist Akukuhou Kuqhakulu (SBAK-Nito Mount) women conference-cum-75th anniversary got underway at Lizutomi Baptist Church (LBC), under Aghunato sub-division, Zunheboto district December 10 on the theme “Soaring Higher” (Isaiah 40:31).
Over 3000 members from around 120 churches are attending the programme, which would culminate on December 12.
In commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of women department, former women secretary, Rev. Hutoli P Achumi unveiled the monolith. Delivering sermon based on the theme, former women secretary Hukheli Sema reminded the congregation of the God’s purpose in their lives.
She said that if one put faith in God then He will grant them renewed strength and allow them to soar higher in life. The speaker also acknowledged the contribution of the pioneers. On the occasion, chief engineer PWD (R&B), Kahuli Sena gave greetings message.
Earlier, SBAK NM executive secretary Rev. Hukugha Zhimo released 75th anniversary magazine and Christian Home magazine while secretary, department of women ministry, Katoli V Sumi led the opening prayer.
Other highlights of the opening programme included “75th anniversary fuko” by youth from Sumi Baptist Church Kohima, welcome song by LBC members, special songs by IMA choir and Sumi Baptist Church Zunheboto and welcome address by head GB Lizuto Kahuto Awomi. The programme was chaired by Hotoli Z Chishi and recorded by former women coordinator, Hukatoli H.

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