Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Conor Benn brilliantly knocks out Chris Algieri to get closer to world title shot


Conor Benn took a step closer to a world title shot with a wonderful knockout display to beat Chris Algieri in four rounds in Liverpool.
The 25-year-old Briton produced a calm and clinical performance against the American former world champion, who had been billed as his toughest test yet. “My point is they’re not tests,” a riled up Benn said after the fight.
“Every time I say they’re not sounds like arrogance but it’s just confidence speaking.”
Benn, who remains undefeated with the 20th win of his career, showed off some superb body shots and ended the fight with a straight left, right combination. “When I say I’m top five, I’m top five for a reason,” Benn added. “No-one’s done that to Algieri. No-one’s beat [Adrian] Granados as easily as I did. No-one knocked out [Samuel] Vargas in one round. What more do I have to do?
“I knew the knockout was coming. If they want to come and have a fight or stand there and be cute, that’s what happens.”
Benn has built a career on silencing his critics and has exceeded expectations as the son of world champion Nigel Benn.
The Briton is certainly improving with every fight and showed off visible improvements in his third outing in the ring in 2021.
Benn started well, taking the first round with ease as he concentrated on body shots and built from his jab.
Algieri, 37, was trying to counter Benn with a left hook from the opening exchanges but Benn appeared unconcerned.
Benn then dropped an unbalanced Algieri in the second round with a close-range left hook. The American seemed unhurt as he returned to his corner, but there was no rush of blood to the head of Benn.
He remained calm in the third and slowly began to look for the bigger shots. Benn then ducked under a combination from Algieri – much to the delight of the crowd and his father at ringside.
Benn continued to look for openings and produced the best moment of his career with a beautiful left hand straight down the pipe before a hard right floored his opponent.
Algieri was out cold from the right hand, folding to the canvas in what was a perfect end to the year for Benn.
“I think this is the fight where Conor made his own path,” Benn’s father Nigel said. “He’s not in my shadow no more.”

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